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Easing of Covid restrictions
In line with guidance from the Government and the Methodist Church, the Covid team have met to discuss the way
forward for NMC. We will approach the easing of restrictions with caution, recognizing the continuing vulnerability and
anxiety of individuals.
The booking system has now ceased, so you are now free to come along and worship with us. Please follow our guidelines below:-

  1. For the time being, face coverings will continue to be worn as per government advice for communal settings.
  2. Use of hand gel on arrival is strongly recommended.
  3. We maintain social distancing in a sensitive and sensible way and refrain from physical contact.
  4. The use of worship videos will continue but you will be permitted to sing and pray behind a face covering.
  5. We exit the building and chat outside following the service.
  6. Retiring offertory will continue.
  7. The provision of tea/coffee in the hall will not recommence initially but the possibility of refreshment from either the
    hall or new vestibule coffee bar will start as soon as possible.
    You will all be aware that infection numbers continue to be high and although we are desperate for things to return to
    normal, it has been left to us as individuals to show caution and common sense. The steps we have taken are small and
    will be reviewed in early September. We must hope and pray that further lifting of these cautionary measures will then
    be possible.

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