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As you know, Messy Church has happened monthly on a Wednesday from 4-6 p.m. for many years. It’s a time for children and their carers to have a fun and creative time together while learning more about the Christian faith and events from the Bible. There is a celebration time in church which is usually led by our minister and this is followed by a meal which we all share together.

May Messy Church

May’s Messy church was all about celebrating birthdays. Especially we thought about celebrating the birthday of the church when the Holy Spirit came, to be Jesus alongside us.

Our crafts and games helped us to think about this. 

The Holy Spirit is sometimes described as a dove, or wind, or fire so here’s some of the things we made.

We made windsock to represent the wind of Spirit with a dove at the top and Love Joy Peace on the streamers at the bottom.

We made tissue paper flames which move in the wind and a coloured paper spinner.

We mixed paint with bubble mixture and then, using a straw each, we blew bubbles and placed paper over the top to make fun pictures. It was a very messy activity! Here are some of the patterns we made with our breath.

We potted on the miniature sunflowers that we had sown from seeds two months ago. They should grow on well in troughs outdoors if we look after them.  Here’s new life from a tiny seed, like the church growing when the Holy Spirit comes.

We had ‘table top skittles’ as our challenge. Using a birthday cake, with candles to knock over helped us to remember the celebration of the church’s birthday.

We made a big birthday card for everyone who comes to either Messy Church or Sunday Church.

We meet in buildings called churches – but we, the people, are the church!

In church there was a real cake, and some birthday bunting 

So we were all ready for a party!

Marian lit the candles, and we all sang ‘Happy Birthday to the church’ before we blew out the candles. 

Marian asked Rev John if we were celebrating how old our church building is.

No!! The church is the people and it’s about celebrating the time 2000 years ago when God sent the Holy Spirit – to be with us and everyone.

The Holy Spirit is Jesus alongside us, to be our friend, to comfort us, to help and guide us, to show us the right way to live – to help us to follow Jesus.  All round the world – look at all the different languages there are!

Here are some things to remind us of the Holy Spirit

The dove is a symbol of Holy Spirit – reminding us of God’s gentleness and peace.

The wind farm reminds us of the power of the wind, like the Holy Spirit which gives power to help us live like Jesus.

The heart tells us that Jesus loves you and me – in lots of ways!


Our God is a great big God … Yet he knows us and loves us!

That is awesome and amazing and is something to celebrate! So, we sang 


before we went to enjoy a meal together – including the yummy cake!

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