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As you know, Messy Church has happened monthly on a Wednesday from 4-6 p.m. for many years. It’s a time for children and their carers to have a fun and creative time together while learning more about the Christian faith and events from the Bible. There is a celebration time in church which is usually led by our minister and this is followed by a meal which we all share together.

November Messy Church

It’s November and we had a lot to remember!

We played some memory games.  

It’s said that ‘Elephants never forget’ so we made elephants from playdough and played ‘Kim’s game’ to see if we could remember the object that had gone missing!

We played a memory game, and then we each made one of our own. We made six matching pairs of cards, using stickers of different hearts, stars, snowflakes and circles. You place them face down on the table and lift up one to show a symbol; can you find the matching one? It gets easier if you remember where you saw a card! 

We explored the taste and smell of a number of herbs which are used in cooking.

This included rosemary which is usually associated with remembrance.

We thought about poppies and remembrance with three different activities.

The poppy challenge – we had a large table-top poppy design – to remind us of the emblem of remembrance. 

The parts of the poppy were marked with different scores.

The challenge was to shoot 10 tiddlywinks and score as many points as we could.

We used potato printing to create a remembrance picture. 

We printed red and purple poppies to remember people and animals. 

The white doves and red hearts symbolise peace and love.

Our collage is now ready to be used in Sunday’s Remembrance Service.

We stuck red tissue paper petals on to a poppy shape with a black centre and a green leaf.

The petals of real poppies are very fragile, like tissue paper.

In church, we played another memory game and talked about things it’s important to remember, like family birthdays,

and remembering to tidy our room. Some of us could even remember our 2 times table!

Then we thought about next weekend, when on Saturday and Sunday, we remember people who have died fighting in wars. We looked again at poppies and a lighted candle which is sometimes used to help us pray for people who are sad or ill.

We were reminded that Jesus can bring hope, joy and peace to all of us when we ask him.

We sang and danced along to this song before we went to share a meal of sausages and mash together.

And don’t forget… looking forward to Christmas, we painted designs on old CDs to make tree ornaments. Remember to look for our shining lights next time, on 13th December.  See you then!

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